When You Feel You Can Stop at Nothing For Money, Consider Converting Your Structured Settlement Annuity into Lump Sum at a Single Stroke

Rhinoplasty refers to cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of your nose. It accounts for roughly 8% of aesthetic surgery lawsuits in medical negligence. Although rhinoplasty emerged in the nineteenth century, it continues to pose numerous challenges requiring acute craftsmanship, attention to detail, artistic prowess and pre-operative planning.   A wrongly elicited consent that does not disclose the surgery’s technical hitches and sheer unpredictability can spark litigation. Lawsuits hinged on medical negligence can attract a significant compensation amount like lottery winnings where the patient sustains permanent damage such as breathing complications further exacerbating sickness. Courts and arbiters usually affirm a structured settlement to pass on the compensatory award payable as a future income stream in a fixed, determined schedule.

Michael Sloan had always craved to re-shape his nose after encountering computer simulations depicting appearances conforming to his preferences. Following a lengthy consultation with a hesitant cosmetic surgery due to the litany of symptoms attributed to rhinoplasty, he underwent a surgical procedure to configure his nose. Unfortunately, the simulations he had spotted on the internet were not attainable while he developed postoperative breathing problems. Sloan sued the surgeon and hospital vicariously grounding his claim on medical negligence. He settled for a structured settlement financed by the defendants’ insurer with a lump sum and futuristic annuities. Three years later, Sloan’s respiratory complications begin to worsen; his doctor proffered internal airway surgery to improve breathing. Unemployed and in deep waters, the structured settlement kitty was a stroke of luck as he could convert some annuities into lump sum cash and undergo surgery.

Sell Structured Settlement

Structured Settlement with Cash Advances to Meet Exigent Medical Expense- SenecaOne®

Sloan’s need for fast cash was a matter of life and death; he had to seize every opportunity that cropped up. Given his whacking annuities, he could use the structured settlement to get cash advances to cover the $10,000 surgery. The structured settlement buying company agreed to underwrite $20,000 in advance for five annuities he was trading for $130,556. After undergoing surgery, Sloan’s factoring transaction was underway. He was ready to review and approve all relevant paperwork to enable the company to get its cut as an act of magnanimity.

Alaska Structured Settlement Protection Act (SSPAs) – Substantive and Procedural Law

Like other states, Alaska has an SSPA statute with legal formalities governing the sale of structured settlement payments. Given the previous dealings between the parties, the post-contractual negotiations proceeded smoothly. The structured settlement buying company lodged a motion seeking a qualified order. A qualified order is a finding by the court handling the matter that the sale does not flout federal and state laws and is in the best interest of Sloan (including the welfare of dependents). It issues from a court of competent jurisdiction or relevant administrative authority. He saved the purchasing company a 40% Excise tax penalty by complying with the law and seeking court approval.

Alaska Law Requires Material Disclosures By the Buying Company

Alaska law enjoins the structured settlement funding company to make certain disclosures at least ten days before Sloan could enter into an agreement. The disclosures include:

  • The amounts and schedule of periodic payments under sale
  • The total value of pending payments
  • Scaled present value and discount rate
  • The net sum of payments
  • A list of all expenses
  • The net lump sum payable to the payee
  • Quotient amount
  • Penalties for breach of contract and liquidated damages

Besides, Sloan sought counsel from a firm of attorneys for a legal opinion on legal, financial and tax ramifications of selling his structured settlement. The company that bought his annuities furnished notices to the annuity issuer and defendant’s insurance provider and filed certified copies of service in court.

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