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Minneapolis & St. Paul Skyway Info

We created the Skyway Directory not only to help people find their way, but also to let everyone know what the skyways have to offer. We think of the skyway as a destination - a land above land that begs to be explored. » Read more

Minneapolis skyway maps

Minneapolis skyway map

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St. Paul skyway maps

St. Paul skyway map

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Minneapolis directory

Bachman Printing Cos.

510 Marquette Building
copying printing mail professional


St. Paul directory


Minneapolis skyway history

The skyway system in Minneapolis started in 1962. The first skyway spanned 7th Street between Marquette and Second Avenues and connected the new Northstar Center with the Northwestern National Bank (now Wells Fargo). The popularity of » Read more

St. Paul skyway history

St. Paul's skyway system was started in 1967. Unlike Minneapolis, the skyways in St. Paul are publicly owned. Although Donaldson's Department Store is credited by some to have the first skyway in the Twin Cities in 1951, it was » Read more

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